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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Falling For You, Did You Ever See Me, Watching From Periphery, I Was Playing Another Game, I Hoped You Catch On All The Same

--"Fallen For You", Sheila Nicholls

to my friend who's having the bad day...

by e. patrick taroc

What kind of friend is she?
Does she count koalas till you sleep
When you’ve told her to, please, count sheep?
Does she look first or does she leap?
And what company does she keep?
What kind of friend can she be?
Is she still the same girl you met
Or did she already forget?

What kind of friend do you know?
Does her temper run hot or cold
And what grudges does she hold?
Do you consider her bold?
When you met her, was she young or old?
What kind of friend was she long ago?
Did you kiss or did you fight
From morning through noon or night?

What kind of friend is she now?
Does she have a nickname for you
Or does she possibly have two?
What kind of hijinx have you been through?
Is there anything she wouldn’t do?
If she became your friend, then how?
Did you meet one day at school
Because you somehow knew she was cool?

What kind of friend are you to her?
Do you say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong
Or is your pride far too strong?
Have you written about her in song?
And have you known her really long?
Are you a friend who can see through her?
Can she look you straight in the eye
Even if telling you a lie?

When you see your friend, do you smile?
Can she make you laugh right away
Even when you’re having a bad day?
Do you still go to the park and play?
When she goes, do you want her to stay?
Has she been your friend for awhile?
Does she know what you were like as a kid
And all the embarrassing things you did?

Is your friend a friend to the end?
Does she come whenever you call
No matter what time it is at all?
Will she drive you if your car should stall?
Does she pick you up when you fall?
Are you proud to call her a friend?
Have you talked about her 24/7
Since the time you were eleven?

Do you love your friend with all your heart?
Does she think your love is real
Or haven’t you told her how you feel?
Is her heart made out of steel?
And when she breaks yours, does it heal?
Does it make you cry when you’re apart?
Does she feel as strongly as you
And do you know if her love’s that true?

What kind of friend is she?
She’s the kind of friend that’s hard to find—
Possibly she might be one-of-a-kind.
She’s the kind of friend that speaks her mind.
She’s how friendship is definied.
What kind of friend do you want her to be?
The kind of friend she’s been before,
Just herself and nothing more.

(12/09/06 Copyright 2006 E. Patrick Taroc)

Yours Swimmingly,
mojo shivers


Blogger NoWickedWitch said...

Sp you're a poet too?

What else mojo?

8:38 PM  
Blogger mojo shivers said...

I do it all. LOL

Actually, I was writing poetry consistently first before I ever tried my hand at writing fiction mostly. I used to do a poem a week for three years straight.

8:55 PM  

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